Energy Storage

The evolution of the European electricity system and the growing penetration of intermittent renewable energy sources will increase the need for ever more flexibility in the energy system. Energy storage is – in combination with other measures - well suited to respond to this challenge and ensure a continued security of energy supply at any time. There are multiple energy storage technologies being developed capable of delivering different services though some of these technologies remain in the early stages of development. Ultimately, it is important to know that Energy storage will provide essential services along the whole energy value chain and will thereby support numerous aspects of the transition towards a secure, competitive and decarbonised European energy system.

Considering the strong need for energy storage, RD&D effort have to be coordinated and hurdles have to be removed in order to increase the number of viable business cases. To do this, Clerens Consulting is committed to enable companies active in the energy storage field to liaise with European institutions with the aim to collaborate in the creation of an appropriate regulatory framework.

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