Waste Management

Waste Management is an afterthought for most of us, until its consequences become clearly visible. What to do with waste, how to recycle more of it, and especially what to do with the parts we cannot recycle?

At Clerens Consulting, our experience working with the Waste-to-Energy sector, at the crossroads of energy, environment and climate change, gives us an overview of the good solutions for various waste streams and their corresponding environmental technologies. Our network of professionals in all waste management options throughout Europe gives us the insight to help making Europe more resource-efficient. Furthermore, the European cutting-edge expertise in Sustainable Waste Management already inspires policies and provides technological solutions around the globe.

As an example of our work on Waste Management please visit the website of the European Suppliers of Waste to Energy Technology (ESWET): www.eswet.eu.

For more information, please contact our environment expert and ESWET Policy Officer, Mr Alexis Thuau at a.thuau@eswet.eu.